Executive Dashboard & Reporting

Get more out of people analytics.

Make decisions and inform change by leveraging data and insights. Turn insight into action with Truverus Intelligence Platform.

Let our technology do the heavy lifting.

Stay focused on your people and priorities while we surface insights and intelligence that help you make the best decisions for your organization. Our people analytics tools help you understand talent risk and dig deeper into the context of your enterprise and performance data.

Explore meaningful insights with Intelligence Analytics.

  • Examine employee engagement and performance management insights using Intelligence Analytics.
  • Turn data into insights and insights into action with our C Suite -ready dashboards.
  • Truverus brings data from across its platform to help leaders act on what matters most.

Ad Hoc Reporting & Analysis

Data is continually growing more important, and organizations will only collect more of it. But the rise in data volumes and importance mean organizations will eventually struggle to manage their data, and there are only so many data analysts to go around. Ad hoc reporting and analysis tools offer a number of benefits that enable businesses to get as much value as they can from the information they collect:

  • Flexibility: Business leaders can choose the data they want to work with and select the visual format. Ad hoc reporting and analysis tools make it possible to create reports from scratch and create customizable charts, graphs and tables that can be manipulated and adjusted to answer any business question at a moment’s notice.
  • Speed: Individuals, regardless of technical expertise, can access data when they need it without having to bother data analysts or IT teams for one-off requests. This means anyone has the power to find answers to pressing business questions; data professionals can remain focused on the tasks only they know how to do.
  • Empowers staff: Ad hoc reporting and analysis solutions empower people to access and report findings as needed. The best ad hoc reporting and analysis tools satisfy executives, managers and staff of all capabilities by providing basic intuitive features for nontechnical people and advanced ad hoc tools for data professionals.
  • Agile decision-making: Business environments are constantly changing, so businesses must be able to adapt and evolve quickly to stay competitive. Ad hoc reporting and analysis makes it possible to answer questions on demand so businesses can make decisions faster. Data visualizations associated with ad hoc reports are easier to understand at a glance compared with complex, structured reports.
  • Encourages collaboration: Ad hoc reporting and analysis tools encourage collaboration by making it not only easy to create reports, but to organize and share them with other teams who can view them on-demand.
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