Employee Wellness & Engagement

HR should be a strategic contributor to an organization’s corporate objectives by creating a highly engaged culture that nurtures, develops and leverages employee talent.   Does your organization have a clear picture of employee engagement, management strengths and weaknesses and causes of attrition?    

Our integrated solution includes engagement, assessment and exit feedback so you retain and develop your best talent while understanding factors of attrition. 

Truverus’s Employee Wellness & Engagement solution is a multi-faceted measurement process for enhancing employee engagement levels and improving performance. 

Platform Solution:

  • Captures multiple perspectives of multiple dimensions from employee stakeholders including strategy, management processes, structure, people, systems and technology, culture and values and working environment.
  • Examines perspectives from each level of the organization.
  • Identifies employee needs, experiences, satisfaction and engagement.
  • Identifies stakeholder perspectives on critical success factors.
  • Assists in providing basis for action planning, ongoing tracking, and continuous improvement
  • Identifies opportunities to enhance employee and management effectiveness, strategic value, and relationships with employees.

Employee Wellness & Engagement solution helps you answer these questions:

  • How does employee engagement affect company/departmental performance?
  • What are the expectations of your stakeholders? What does satisfaction and delight look like to each of them?
  • What is the correlation between employee engagement and customer satisfaction?
  • What outcomes are important to your executives, managers and employees?
  • How do your prioritize actions, additions, improvements and innovations?

Gaining comprehensive, in depth, assessment of employee engagement and underlying strategic, organizational, and operational levers that drive it will solidify HR as a critical component to an organizations strategy and success.


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