Electronic Voting (eVote)

Whether your organization is electing new directors or passing amendments to your by-laws, our electronic voting platform helps you ensure the vote is secure and problem free. Organizations large and small have been depending on our electronic voting platform for years to help them increase voter turnout, reduce issues with integrity and track voting results in a way that’s convenient for them.

Here's how it works;

  1. Eligible voters log into the vote using secure two-factor authentication on any desktop, laptop, mobile phone, tablet or touch tone phone.
  2. Voters are presented with the voting selections and then they make their selection.
  3. Results are tabulated and presented in our secure analytics platform in real time.

Key Features:

A configurable voting solution integrating in-person and virtual attendees proving instant results for each vote, secure and archived.

  • Expert Support: We assign a member of our team experienced in online voting to each eVote client so that we can make sure your vote runs smoothly.
  • Email Invites: Notify voters when the voting period opens or remind them to vote throughout with engaging emails.
  • Customizable: From simple to complex, our platform is fully customizable to your needs and includes the ability to include picture or video content.
  • Real-Time: Results are tracked in real-time so you can always know how the vote is progressing.
  • Security & Integrity: Voters are given a unique login that uses two-factor authentication to ensure only eligible voters access the secure system.
  • Graphic & Video Support: Enrich your vote by presenting voters with images or video to support each of the options.
  • Multi-Language Support: Truverus can support up to 30 languages.
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