Athletic Association Evaluations

In any sport, coaching will make or break an athlete’s love of the sport, a parent’s support and the overall success of the sport’s association itself.  Understanding the impact a coach is having on their team and individual athletes, season over season, will provide insights into effectiveness of coaching certifications, coaching techniques and team performance.  

Similarly, evaluations of officials will help improve the quality of competition and officiating. 

Truverus’s Athletic Association Evaluations solution is a multi-faceted measurement process for assessing critical factors that impact player development, coaching effectiveness and association success.

Platform Solution:

  • Gathers feedback from players, parents, coaches, officials and association leadership.
  • Provides a 360-degree view of coaching, officiating and association practices.
  • Identifies stakeholder needs, experiences, and satisfaction.
  • Produces actionable information to drive changes to improve player development.
  • Supports a process of continuous improvement through ongoing measurement and action.

Truverus’s Athletic Association Evaluation solution helps you answer these questions

  • How does coach training and performance affect player performance?
  • What are the expectations of parents, athletes, coaches and officials?
  • How does that align with association goals?
  • What is the correlation between coaching /officiating certification levels and player engagement levels, team performance and association growth and reputation?
  • What coaching practices are proving successful and could be applied more broadly?
  • How do your prioritize actions, improvements and innovations – with your association, coaches and officials?
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