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At Truverus, after 20 years in business, we are experts in survey, data collection, and advanced analytics.  When combined with great depth of subject matter expertise in areas such as Employee Engagement, Customer Engagement, and Brand Engagement, you have a winning combination to achieve the results you need. 

As hands free as you want to be.

We know that you might feel stuck between a rock and a hard place.   On the one hand you know you have to gather stakeholder data, understand the feedback, and take the appropriate improvement actions, yet on the other hand, you struggle to carve out the time needed, and still get your day to day done.    

Truverus professional services will get you up and running with our proven, best-practice approach that is tailored to your organization.   We will take as little of your time as absolutely necessary, but still provide the results you are looking for.   In our view, give us a little time up front to ensure our best practices are meshed with your corporate specifics and our team can do the rest.


Not sure where to start? No problem. We can help.

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Consulting Experts

Sometimes you need the help of experts to guide you in your strategy and execution.  At Truverus, and through our partnerships, we have consulting expertise in Employee Engagement, Customer Engagement and VOC, Brand advocacy and Loyalty, not to mention experts in industry verticals and IO Psychologists. Tell us about the blind spots you are concerned about, and we will have the right expertise at your disposal.

API Integration Services

No one wants data silos.   Fortunately our cloud-based platform gives you the power to access data from virtually anywhere.  We can connect and push or pull data from existing systems to either streamline a workflow, or to augment feedback data with data from other systems without the pain.   Let our platform do the hard work, so you can focus on making great decisions.

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