Truverus Mobile Opinion

A real-time, mobile opinion platform that engages audiences to provide their opinions on topics that matter, when they matter most. It leverages the power of channels and push/pull methodology  to enable organizations to understand what opinions are trending, validate marketing campaigns, enhance engagement and drive corporate culture or change.

Enable the competitive edge.

  • We believe real time insights should be a strategic contributor to an organization’s corporate objectives by creating a highly engaged employee/member/customer base that nurtures, develops and leverages their opinions when they have an opinion and are willing to give it. Truly an “Active Voice”
  • Forget asking for opinions in comment sections or making sense of retweets and ‘likes’; our mobile opinion platform makes it a lot easier to hear from your stakehbolders, whether they are customers, employees, or members.
  • YOU retain total control of the conversation
  • Hear what your clients and employees are feeling, as they feel it, while you have time to do something about it… before it gets out of hand.
  • Share what you think with videos, photos, and questions from your loyal customers and influencers and be part of what happens next.


Passion… Innovation

  • Opinions reflect how people feel; what they feel passionate about.
  • Our mobile opinion platform puts those opinions, that passion, in your hands in an actionable way that you control.


  • Channel architecture provides the ability to theme and segment the surveys you field.  Engagement vs Diversity, Canadian Employees vs American Employees, etc..
  • The addition of users can be both active and passive with regards to joining channels.  
  • Admins will assign users to channels where it makes sense: “Add all Part Time employees to the Part Time Channel”. 
  • Other channels will be open for users to join: “I am interested in the corporate change program leadership rolled out, I am going to join the channel to make sure my voice is heard.”

Push/Pull Methodology

  • Push/pull allows for two different paradigms when getting feedback that can be used interchangeably to suit the need.
  • Push surveys allow the user to choose when and how often to “Push” their opinions to you.  These are always available, so the timing is at the user’s discretion and allows it to be reactive.  
    • Had a good interaction or experience?  Push that opinion up.  
    • Have a comment or concern?  Push that now versus waiting until the next survey cycle.  
    • Have you seen something concerning, or a rule being broken?  Push it into view immediately.
  • Pull surveys are the more traditional survey paradigm.  Admins launch a survey to pull the opinions from a targeted group.  Timing could be every week, every quarter, or every year, but it is the admin that decides.  These instruments are designed to be more reflective than reactive.

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