What Are Video Surveys & Why Should You Use Them?

A video survey coupled with embedded survey questions is a qualitative insight tool that gathers your stakeholders’ perceptions, conversations and motivations to help direct and influence strategic business decisions.

Advantages of using video in your research activities

Video survey will help in eliminating bias and increases understanding of what is being asked. It is real-time feedback reaching people in their own environments, driving authenticity and empathy.

How to leverage video in surveys

You can use video feedback technology that will enable stakeholders to share their experiences via short, self-recorded videos as an alternative and/or augment to your traditional feedback program.

The Truverus survey platform provides an end-to-end video solution that gets you closer to your stakeholdersby overcoming the barriers to traditional video.

This takes the pain out of video analysis with automated transcription, tagging, data passing, search and filter, and sentiment and theme categorization.

Video will help the Organization see and hear the people behind the data, driving stakeholder-centric decisions through agile, engaging video feedback.

Introducing Truverus Video 

Collecting qualitative insights through video responses has never been easier with Truverus Video

Collect faster, richer qualitative feedback by combining the power of video with Truverus survey functionality like targeting, logic, and segmentation to get authentic and impactful responses from those who matter most to you.

Easily capture customer-recorded Truverus Video, uncover authentic, deep insight, and inform stakeholders and decisions at the speed of business, all in a unified platform.

With Truverus Video, users can:
  • Capture powerful insights and conversations by bringing feedback to life!
  • Accelerate time to insight
  • Share powerful stories with your stakeholders while understanding their experience and thoughts
  • Humanize the customer feedback process
  • Create impact by bringing the voice of the stakeholders to life
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