Truverus’s technology helps Capital Health can employee and leadership insights to increase the quality of work life, performance and productivity.

Company profile

Capital Health is Nova Scotia’s largest provider of health services and operates hospitals, health centres and community-based programs throughout Halifax Regional Municipality and the western part of Hants County.

Capital Health is comprised of over 12,000 employees, physicians, learners and approximately 1,900 volunteers. They provide medical and surgical care, mental health care, community health programs, addiction prevention and treatment and environmental health services.

Business situation

Capital Health wanted to gain overall insight into the company its employees, managers and leaders. The objectives were to understand the current state of the organization, it’s employees and leaders in order to enact strategies to increase the quality of work life, performance and productivity.

In order to accomplish this task, Capital Health knew they needed a partner that had the technology to gather information throughout the organization by generating multiple team reports providing insight into the current state of affairs for leaders and employees.

After an extensive RFP process, Capital Health selected Truverus to lead the initiative by using their robust Truverus platform to capture data and reveal insights from employees and managers throughout the organization.

Creating Lasting Change

Because of insights revealed by using Truverus, Capital Health learned that conflict was present and was impacting the quality of work life, productivity and increasing medical error.

Capital Health is a high stakes business where healthcare teams need to work together and collaborate in order to provide the best quality care. Effective communication and skills on mitigating and/or resolving conflict support quality outcomes for patients.

Capital Health felt it would be in the best interests of the organization to develop a Conflict Transformation Program that would help the organization communicate effectively, handle problems constructively, and manage workplace conflict successfully. The program was implemented quickly and with resounding success!

The program offers group education, one-on-one conflict resolution coaching, and transformational mediation among parties in conflict – for leaders, staff and physicians. It is an effective and highly regarded program throughout the organization.

Because of insights provided by Truverus, Capital Health was able to confidently invest in the right program that helped to increase the quality of communication while boosting performance and reducing risk throughout the organization.

“Because of Truverus, we were able to get a clear understanding of the different voices across the enterprise. They enabled us to make fact-based decisions on how to improve our business because of the data that was collected. The insights that Truverus revealed helped Capital Health improve the overall quality of work life and performance of our people, and has reduced medical error that was due to poor communication.“

-Dawn Burstall, Director, Health Workplace

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