The Truverus platform provides actionable insight for Talent2 enabling them to build programs with confidence to improve client satisfaction and retention.

Company Profile

Talent2 multiplies the power and productivity of people through its payroll, HR, learning and recruitment solutions. They are the leading HR BPO organisation in the Asia Pacific region, working with clients across diverse organization types and industries to deliver end-to-end talent management solutions that put people first.

Business Situation

Talent2 was in the market for a supplier that could help then conduct a large scale client satisfaction survey with the aim of improving client retention and satisfaction.

Talent2 had previously conducted programs to gather feedback both internally and through contracted external organizations. These programs either involved a very small sample of the client base or did not get the response necessary to ensure this was a completely accurate representation. Executives at Talent2 knew that in order to attain an accurate representation of their client base they needed to engage with a company that had the expertise in conducting customer satisfaction surveys as well as a technology platform that would enable them to drive key insights from feedback they collect.

Creating Lasting Change

In the spirit of continuous improvement, the team at Talent2 decided to focus one work stream around ongoing measurement of client satisfaction. To do that, Talent2 will conduct another customer satisfaction survey 12 months after the last survey so that they can examine how their efforts have helped improve client satisfaction.

By taking these extra steps, Talent2 will have in their possession powerful data every year that provides the organization with an updated understanding about their customers and how they are feeling, what their needs are, and what they desire.

With such detailed data on their customers, Talent2 now has the exceptional ability to leverage this customer data to understand how an increase or decrease in satisfaction influences retention and revenue. This is the power of Truverus's technology and the ability to drive correlations with in- depth feedback can drive further improvement for years to come.

“Truverus’s technology really helped Talent2 get a clear understanding of our customer base and enabled us to identify their needs, wants and concerns. The insights revealed gave us confidence and provided focus when building plans to make improvements to client satisfaction and retention. Along with tremendous technology, Truverus’s support team was phenomenal. They were always there for us when we needed them no matter what time it was and they were constantly providing guidance on how to maximize our usage of their technology. Working with Truverus has been a pleasure and I look forward to working with them on future programs.”

-Brendan Trewartha; Global General Manager, Accounts and Client Services, Talent2

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